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Early Sunday morning July 24

Another week. It has been a special week. A week of vacation!

Well things happen even during vacation time and this week I have had to daily take care of things connected to work. And Ruth spent one day of the week going to Praha for a planning meeting for an up-coming conference.She left at five in the morning and returned at midnight.

But apart from that we have had vacation this week. A great week together with our oldest son and his family, spending many hours on the Riga Beaches.

 Jurmala beach close to Riga

The first vacation week has passed. Now another one is coming. And we will spend that week in Sweden together with our two youngest sons and their families. We really appreciate these gatherings. We do not see each other too often these days, living so far away from each other.

After the two weeks of vacation we will enter an intensive work period starting the first week of August. But I will come back on that later. Now it is vacation time!

I pray that you will have a blessed week
Peter Baronowsky

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