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Healed of My Same-sex Attractions

From fsaof.blogspot.com 

"They did not push the issue of my homosexuality. It was not an issue for them; they knew God would eventually take care of it.
And he did! The more I studied the Bible, the more my conviction grew. God and I stayed up long nights talking about homosexuality and why he made me this way if it was wrong. Slowly I heard his answers; slowly I came to realize homosexual behavior was wrong. I could not figure it out, but I knew I should not act out on my same-sex attractions. It was God speaking to me (not audibly), not the church telling me."


"Not called?"

Quote from William Booth:

'Not called!' did you say? 

'Not heard the call,' I think you should say.
- Put your ear down to the Bible, and hear him bid you go and pull sinners out of the fire of sin. 
- Put your ear down to the burdened, agonized heart of humanity, and listen to its pitiful wail for help. 
- Go stand by the gates of hell, and hear the damned entreat you to go to their father's house and bid their brothers and sisters, and servants and masters not to come there. 
- And then look Christ in the face, whose mercy you have professed to obey, and tell him whether you will join heart and soul and body and circumstances in the march to publish his mercy to the world."

Read more quotes from William Booth HERE.


"What are you saving?"

The Salvation Army in Latvia has just released a new web page. You can study it in English HERE.

On the front page you can read this story by Sarah Ilsters:

The policeman directed me to pull over into the road on my right.
‘You went through a red light,’ he said. ‘I did? I am pretty sure it was amber.’
‘We have it on video if you need to watch it. It will be 4 points off your licence and up to Ls.100 fine.
The panic inside me started to rise. How had I not seen it? How am I going to pay such a big fine? It is not going to be good to have points off my licence.I followed the policeman to his car. Pestisanas armija he reads on my car document – ‘What are you saving?’ he asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. I had been caught, caught breaking the law – I felt guilty and was awaiting the consequences, I knew they were coming and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. After some time, the policeman came back with my papers – Ls.40 fine, I had got off lightly.
I had broken a human law – a law of the land and I had to pay the consequences. As Christians we believe that God has made the world also with spiritual laws – the main one being that we should live to love God and put Him first in everything we do in life. Many of us are maybe unaware of those laws, or we choose to ignore them. But, just as there are consequences of breaking the law of the land, so there are consequences of us breaking God’s laws. The Bible tells us that we all deserve punishment for it – the consequence is death. There is no getting out of it – just as I had to pay the Ls.40 fine.
But, there is more to this story – and that is where the ‘saving’ in The Salvation Army comes in. We can’t save people – but we believe that Jesus can, and in fact has done everything so that we can be saved – saved from the consequences of breaking God’s laws. In order to pay for the consequences of what we do wrong, Jesus came to earth and died in our place on the cross. The Army’s mission is to tell people this good news – that Jesus can save us from our punishment. One day we will all meet God – and just like the policeman could show me the video of me driving through the red light, God will also be able to show us how we have broken His rules. Putting our faith in Jesus and how He took the consequences of what we do wrong will SAVE us.


I dream...

General André Cox writes on his FaceBook page about his dream:

I dream of an Army that truly reflects the mind of Jesus in our commitment to the poor and the marginalised.

I dream of an Army that practices what it preaches from the top leadership down, an Army that is a visible and living example of Kingdom values.

I dream of an Army that values its youth where our young people feel that they have a voice.

I dream of an Army with strong relevant and streamlined administrative structures and a much more effective use of our financial and material resources.

I dream of an Army where all cultures are equally accepted and celebrated through the spiritual ties that bind us all together.

I dream of an Army that shuns the dependency culture.


This is what church should be

Salvation Army Anti Human Trafficking Conference


- FSAOF blog - "Very recently at the New Zealand Congress, General André Cox said he dreams of a Salvation Army that is ‘vibrant, committed and on its knees before God. He said ‘Deepening the spiritual life of Salvationists is essential to moving forward as an Army. If we want to see our world change, we ourselves must be changed by God’."


Billy Graham on Sin, Salvation and ‘Trendy Religion’

- Charisma News - "Evangelist Billy Graham, who preached the gospel for more than seven decades, has written his 32nd book: The Reason for My Hope: Salvation.
The book, to be released Oct. 15, comes at a time when the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association finishes preparations for the “My Hope America” evangelistic campaign that will involve more than 21,000 churches in November.
Here is a sampling of the thoughts of the 94-year-old evangelist in his newest book:
Sin - “The truth is that every last one of us is born in sin, and while some may not think of themselves as sinners, God does. He hears every word we utter and knows the deepest secrets we lock away in the vaults of our hearts.”
‘Trendy Religion’ - “Many churches of all persuasions are hiring research agencies to poll neighborhoods, asking what kind of church they prefer; then the local churches design themselves to fit the desires of the people. True faith in God that demands selflessness is being replaced by trendy religion that serves the selfish


Creation Care vs. Creation Scare

Mats Tunehag:

"We need a Biblical worldview to infuse us with hope for solutions.
We need to co-create with God who cares and intervenes.
We need more Creation Care, and less Creation Scare.

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International Congress in London 2015

AFTER a selection process lasting several months, the official logo for The Salvation Army's 2015 International Congress can now be revealed. Designed by Kim Hansen and Jan Aasmann Størksen from Norway, the logo will become a familiar sight in the lead-up to the congress, which is being held in London, UK, to mark the Army's 150th anniversary.
The logo is comprised of interwoven shapes, each of which resembles a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Commissioner William Cochrane (International Secretary to the Chief of the Staff) explains: 'We are a holiness movement and this congress will express that from the outset. Additionally, the interlocking shapes in the traditional Salvation Army colours of yellow, red and blue infer the unity that is ours through our diversity. The Salvation Army is at work in 126 countries around the world, yet we are one.'

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Interview with the new General


The General retires

From the Salvation Army International web-site:
'FOLLOWING a period of personal reflection and prayer, General Linda Bond has decided that she should relinquish the Office of the General with effect from 13 June 2013. The General’s decision to step down comes after 44 years of ministry.'


Vision for the Lost or Lost Vision - PART FIVE

- Harold Hill on fsaof.blogspot. com - "Can the vision be re-found? Yes! But it will look different.
The alternation of renewal and decline as the context within which we have attempted to place our visionary theme reminds us that entropy and dissolution are not the whole story. In the Salvationist micro-climate, we may occasionally have our equivalent of what in the Catholic Church Karl Rahner called a “winter period”, and we may regret the repetitive pattern of institutionalisation and decline, but we can rejoice also in the reiterated springtime which, God-willing, ensues. May the Holy Spirit give renewed vision for our times

Vision for the Lost or Lost Vision - PART FOUR

- fsaof.blogspot. com - "As Arbuckle goes on to say, after describing how prophetic movements become human institutions, “When this happens, new prophetic movements within the Church and/or re-founding people arise within existing congregations to challenge them to return to the radical demands of the Beatitudes.

Vision for the Lost or Lost Vision - PART THREE - Harold Hill

From fsaof.blogspot.com:

The Salvation Army emerged in the late 19th century as the latest body of Enthusiasts, those Max Weber called the virtuosi, the dazzlingly skilled, the spiritual athletes. The Army was widely recognised as a de facto new religious order within the church.

The poet Francis Thompson in an essay on “Catholics In Darkest England” wrote, “Consider what the Salvation Army is. It is not merely a sect, it is virtually a Religious Order…”

But, as Gerald Arbuckle writes of Catholic Orders:
"Historically, once these movements cease to be prophetic, though in Church law they may remain religious congregations, they are no longer authentically religious. By sinking to the level of purely human institutions they have lost their reason for being."

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Vision for the Lost or Lost Vision - PART TWO

- Harold Hill in fsaof.blogspot.com -

"To begin with, how about saving people from hell? An early-days Salvationist was an uncomfortable person with whom to share a railway compartment. You would be ear-bashed on the subject. Today, many of us are more anxious to demonstrate our inoffensive normality. The fact that many Salvationists have become less motivated to engage in personal evangelism probably indicates a slackening commitment to the doctrines underlying such activity. A diminished conviction that our neighbour is going to hell renders us less inclined to risk giving offence by trying to save him from it....

...We naturally idealise the early Army as a time of exponential growth, but statistically, the Australasian flood tide had peaked by 1900. In barely a generation the initial energy had begun to dissipate, the vision begun to fade. Reinhold Niebuhr echoed Luther in writing that, “By its very nature the sectarian type of organisation is valid for only one generation… 

Rarely does a second generation hold the convictions it has inherited with a fervour equal to that of its fathers, who fashioned these convictions in the heat of conflict and at the risk of martyrdom.” The children and grandchildren of those who had experienced the miracle of the changing of beer into furniture did not necessarily enjoy the same kind of vital conversion experience of their own. They grew up within the world of the Salvation Army and it was their familiar sub-culture, but they did not necessarily inherit the evangelical imperative. Many found the sub-culture restrictive and they began to slip away."

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Will it happen?

From fsaof-blog (Former Salvation Army Officers´ Fellowship):


"You will witness how God intervenes (and grips) the Salvation Army and how you as an army will achieve things you never thought would be possible."

RUPEBA is one of Scandinavia's most visited Christian blog sites, and is the product of a Salvation Army officer, Lt. Peter Baronowsky. He is a son of the regiment, his parents having served as SA officers until their retirement. Peter and his wife Rut, hence the blog title RU PE BA, served as teachers/administrators at the Army's Jeloy High School in Norway before returning to Sweden and establishing a number of in-house training programs. And concurrently, a SA house church with a steady increase of interested persons joining the fellowship, becoming soldiers and some moving on to officership.

 Both are prolific writers and between them have authored scores of articles, booklets, study guides and many books. 

As they entered into their sixties they felt called to officership, were ordained and commissioned to command the SA work in Latvia. Now retired, since December 2012, their considerable Salvationist influence continues unabated; lecturing, preaching, leading Bible weekends at home and abroad, daily blogging, and added this week, a pod and webcast site. 

RUPEBA and the FSAOF often share blog material. Peter posted the first two of Major Harold Hill's paper, and this morning the
the below was his feature article.

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Vision for the Lost or Lost Vision: William Booth's Legacy PART ONE.

- Harold Hill on fsaof.blogspot.com -
"When William Booth burst in the door of his Hammersmith home late one night in 1865 and exclaimed, “Darling, I have found my destiny!” he’d been walking through the slums of the East End of London. That glimpse of hell on earth constituted Booth’s primary vision; hell was the East End writ large and forever. Commissioner Wesley Harris once asked Commissioner George Joliffe, once secretary to William Booth, what motivated the Founder. Joliffe replied, “His vision of Hell!

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News from Lativa

You can read news from The Salvation Army work in Lativa HERE. The Regional Commander in Latvia, Cjristine Bailey, is writing reports from the work in Latvia.


Christians in Egypt

Egypt: Eyes Open from Moving Works on Vimeo.

Simple Musings for Simple Living

Ruth´s Devotions Simple Musings for Simple Living is now available in print in English. The Swedish edition was printed 2008, and Sven Ljungholm has now transladed the daily devotions into English.

You can read more and order the book in THE SHOP

Good Friday


Reconciliation at the Foot of the Cross

-Sven Ljungholm on FSAOF.blogspot.com - "In our individual preparation for Easter, and as we take this time to journey through Lent, I want to take you to Moscow, in the spring of 1992. It is Easter Sunday morning and we conducted our service in a rented thousand seat auditorium; our “hall” for the last several months. It was the first Easter service conducted in a Moscow, Russia Salvation Army hall in 70 years, the last one having been celebrated by my grandfather, Adjutant Otto Ljungholm.
Near the front of the hall, in the shadow of a twelve-foot cross sat a girl of twelve or thirteen. By this time she had been coming to the corps regularly along with others from a nearby orphanage. As I brought the Easter message I was gripped by what seemed like secretive, searching glances of this young girl. Her eyes darted from the cross, to me and then to a poorly dressed woman seated some distance away.

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Rob Bell's Recipe for Spiritual Disaster

- Charisma News - "In the midst of his announcement on Sunday that he now supports same-sex marriage, Rob Bell warned American evangelicals to “adapt or die.” His counsel, intended to be helpful, is actually a guaranteed formula for failure and a proven recipe for disaster. In fact, the only way for us to make a lasting impact on the culture and maintain a relevant witness to society is to do the opposite of what Bell advised."


Church of Sweden’s Nonbelievers

- The living Church - "During a lull in our dinner conversation, I asked the dozen or so guests how many belonged to the Church of Sweden, which until 2000 was the state church and is still the largest Lutheran church in the world. All but two people raised their hands. How many of you, I asked, believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God? No one volunteered.
So what’s going on here? How is it that dues-paying members of a Christian church do not believe in Jesus Christ?
What’s going on is that, like the overwhelming majority of citizens of other Scandinavian countries, most Swedes see the church as a useful and praiseworthy institution. But praising God in church is not something they choose to do.


Grace upon grace

Brad Gray teaching on Grace upon Grace (Joh 1:16)


Sharing the vision

February 2013

Dear friends:

In explaining the International Vision, I have often alluded to the fact that this vision did not come to me in a dream, or in a supernatural visitation. It came as a result of an officer asking what I saw if mission priorities were actioned. I answered that I saw what I have always seen, an army on the move. Capturing that imagery is of course not rocket science. Not one of us thinks of any army as fulfilling its mission by staying in the barracks or marching in precision on the parade square. Whether it is a peacekeeping assignment or fighting force or emergency deployment, strategy and action are identifiable marks.

Since writing to you last December, I have seen our Army on the move in the territories of India Western, India Central, Japan and Sri Lanka as well as our new work in Nepal. In the farewell of Commissioners Barry and Sue Swanson (Chief of the Staff and World President of Women’s Ministries) and the welcoming of their successors, Commissioners André and Silvia Cox, along with the moves of so many leaders around the world, the Army was literally also on the move. Hopefully you have caught up with all of these visits and special occasions through our International News Releases (www.salvationarmy.org/ihq/news).

Do you ever wonder what the Lord sees when he watches us? He surely has his eyes wide open to the great things that are happening through the dedicated, compassionate action of Salvationists. He sees the crowds of people in India as they meet together for worship, and their spontaneous and reverent kneeling at the mercy seat. He sees the faithful Salvationists in Japan, who meet the needs of suffering humanity in their numerous social centres. I even think he smiles when he sees three elephants in an Army march in Sri Lanka, bearing on their foreheads the One Army, One Mission, One Message logo. But even more significantly, he smiles when he sees this vision actioned in Salvationist’s wonderful work among orphaned children and youth. He was watching the officer couple and their two daughters on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal, as they courageously carried the Army flag and their tambourines to celebrate an Easter sunrise service. And when we meet to honour leaders who are prepared to move around the world and take on challenging assignments for his sake, he is there, watching, listening.

The Lord not only sees what is happening but he also sees the path ahead, the way we should take as his Army. A very special Scripture verse for many of us is ‘I will instruct you. I will teach you the way that you should go. I will advise you as my eyes watch over you’ (Psalm 32:8 GOD’S WORD ® Translation). Yes, we can strategise, envision and even move forward, but in truth, not one of us knows the future, knows what lies ahead. All the imagining in the world cannot guarantee effectiveness in mission or fruitfulness in service. But the One who sees, knows. It may sound like a slick slogan or even a paradox, but an Army on the march must be an Army on its knees. The vision can only be actualised as we have his guidance and commit to it.

It is true for The Salvation Army but it is also true for you, for me. Personal plans or dreams or the best of intentions still belong to an uncertain future. Though it is uncertain to us, it is not to him. The One who sees your life, my life, today is the One who delights to give us a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

Moving forward, therefore, need not be a matter of thoughtless action or hesitancy. Let’s claim his promise: ‘I will advise you as my eyes watch over you.’


Linda Bond


"Homophobia in the Salvation Army?"

(This is an article I posted on my Swedish blog. It has been translated and published on www.fsaof.blogspot.com.)

The broadcast last week of, "People and Faith" on Swedish Radio featured a program entitled 'Homophobia in the Salvation Army' that highlighted the Swedish State Government financial subsidy to EKHO's efforts to change the Salvation Army’s Bible interpretation-position relative to homosexuals (being accepted as full fledged church members).

The program participants are:

- Stefan Gustavsson, director of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance, who questions why the government pays money to an organization in order to change the biblical vision of a Christian community.

- (Commissioner) Marie Willermark, leader of The Salvation Army in Sweden / Latvia, who clarifies the Salvation Army's position on the issue.

- Patrick Olterman, Corps Commanding Officer Malmö, who think it is tragic that the debate is about EKHO's grant application and not on how (church) congregations receive homosexuals.

- Cay Lennart Larsson, ‘Rainbow Priest’ (Lutheran Church), bisexual and former member of the Salvation Army, who says he loves the Salvation Army but not their ethical position condemning homosexual relationships.

My comments: (focusing on the broadcast’s content)

‘But hey, Cay Lennart, I understand that you think that the Salvation Army should have another Biblical viewpoint, but how can you say that the Salvation Army’s ethical position condemns homosexuals? The closest reference I can find that touches the question is this statement’: "We believe that God's view of sexuality is that it is expressed (lived) lovingly and mutually between a man and woman in marriage, and further, that it should be characterized by mutual consent and free will."

How can you call this ‘condemning homosexuals’?

It is as faulty as saying that, "the Salvation Army condemns heterosexuals who are not married." But the Salvation Army condemns neither heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual persons for that matter.

But there is no human right (stipulating that one has a claim) to be a Salvationist. All associations, churches and organizations have some form of restrictions on who may (qualify to) be a member or not.

What is the reason that people living in a homosexual relationship may not be accepted as Salvationists (SA soldiers) or officers in the Salvation Army? Let me say that I am no official spokesman on behalf of the Salvation Army; I simply have the right to my opinion.

The reason that those who are living in sexual relationships outside of marriage between a man and a woman cannot be a Salvation Army soldier or SA officer is that the Salvation Army still believes in the authority of the Bible. It is expressed clearly in the Salvation Army's first doctrine: "We believe that the Old and New Testament Scriptures were given by inspiration of God, and that they only (alone) constitute the Divine rule of Christian faith and practice."

If one does not believe in the Bible, of course, then one need not worry about what is written there. However, if one believes in God and the Bible there must be consequences in how one live their life.

From my perspective three things are required to (qualify to) become a Salvationist:
·      One must be saved
·      One must accept the Salvation Army’s articles of faith
·      One must be willing to live by the Salvation Army's ethical values.

This applies to heterosexuals, homosexuals and all others.

Lt. Peter Baronowsky

(Translation: Sven Ljungholm)


Early Sunday morning, February 3

Weekly review from my personal point of view

This week has contained a number of flashbacks from our time in Latvia. On Monday Edgars arrived in Riga with our last belongings from Latvia. Some boxes with books and a small sofa. He returned to Latvia with the boat on Tuesday with the mini-bus filled sith humanitarian aid things from Stockholm. We had good talks with Edgars and we were updated about the present situation for our friends in Latvia.

Friday night we met our successor as leader for the Salvation Army work in Latvia, Christine Bailey from United Kingdom, and "our" personal secretary and translator Iveta Rasa. Iveta is no longer "our", that is why I had to write "our" between these signs "".

Christine and Iveta had been in Stockholm for a number of meetings and then we spent Friday night in our house. Christine had of course some questions about the work in Latvia and we had many questions about all people in Lativa. How are the officers doing? What about the new officers? The new soldiers? The new converts? We received good positive answers on all these questions (If somebody from Latvia is readings this: We are still praying for you!)

Saturday it was the annual meeting for "the Skangali Friends", a support group for the work at Skangal, which was donated by the Palme family after the liberation from the Sovjet Union.

Christine presented herself in the meeting and gave her first impressions from Latvia. She summarized her impressions with the words Admiration, Focused work and Warmth. Modris, the director for Skangal reported what has happened at Skangal since last meeting and Marie Willermark ended the gathering with a devotion. Bertil Rodin, Mr. Skangal, was leading the meeting.

Rut and myself were asked to tell about what has happened in the Salvation Army in Latvia during 2012. I showed some pictures and here you can follow my speech:
New soldiers. The Salvation army is growing (1). Pictures from some of the soldiers enrolments during 2012. The pictures are from Bauska, Iecava, Sarkani and Liepa..
New corps. The Salvation Army is growing (2).  Two new corps opened in March 2012. Corps number 8 and number 9. Both Seda and Drusti have had several soldiers enrolments and they were now ready to be Corps of their own.
The Congress in Riga in June was a highligt during 2012. You can see the march to the opening meeting, the tambourine brigade at an open air meeting and Riga Staff Songster.
Children´s musical. During the Congress children from all over Latvia performed the musical "What´s up Zak?"
New Officers. The Salvation Army is growing (3). Eight new Officers were ordained during the Congress.
Summer camps. Pictures from the Children´s camp in Ainaze and from the Family Camp at Beranti on the West Coast of Latvia.
New Corps plantings. The Salvation Army is growing (4). In the end of the summer two new Corps Plantings were opened. One in Agenskalns in Riga and one in Saldus.
The Social Center in Riga. Pictures from the preparation of food parcels and from the sowing studia at the center.
Congress in Prague. More than 80 participants from Latvia took part in the European Congress in Prague during October 2012.
EU-project. During 2012 a life skill program financed by EU has taken place at Riga first Corps.
Emergency team. In 2012 a new emergence team has been organized. Here you can see the Salvation Army officer in charge surraound by the fire fighters at Riga Fire Department.
Borås News Paper. At Christmas time a Swedish Daily Paper made a nine page long report from the Salvation Army work in Latvia.
There are of course much more to be told about the work in Latvia during 2012, but this report gives some hints.

Now it is Sunday morning and time to go to Stockholm for the Sunday service. And then...another week. I pray it will be a blessed week for you.
Peter Baronowsky


Early Sunday morning January 20

Weekly review from my personal point of view
A relaxing week far away from home is soon coming to an end. Relaxing time away means a lot of reading and writing.

I am for the moment reading three books. One book is the second book in a trilogy written by the Swedish author Jan Guillo. It is about three sons of a fisherman in Bergen Norway around the year 1900. The father dies in a terrible storm and the three young boys are making their ways out in the world, meeting all the modern inventions and political, cultural changes of the new century. This is a typical vacation books for me. A book I can read for pure entertainment. I think that Guillo is a good story teller and I have read most of his books.

The second book I am reading is a totally different one. Ruth and myself will soon speak at a Leaders´ Conference about Postmodernísm and the Emerging Church. In preparation for that conference I am reading Brian McLaren´s book “A new kind of Christianity”. I am very critical to the thoughts of the Emerging Church and how they contradict Salvation Army Theology. I have written a lot about this earlier and I will also comment the book more on detail on my Swedish blog.

The third book I am reading is a book by Barack Obama about his background and life. Very open and interesting reading! He writes a lot about his search for his own identity having a black father and a white mother. He wrote the book some time before he became president and seeing him in action today makes it difficult to believe the shy, insecure, disoriented young man he used to be.

During the week I have also been engaged in the work of producing a new book for the five year anniversary of the think tank, the Clapham Institute, in February. I have been in the board of the institute since it started. The Clapham Institute has got its name from the group of Christian people, meeting in Clapham outside London. The influence from this group contributed to the decision to end slavery in the beginning of the 1900th century. The manuscript must be handed in to the printing company next week, so time is short.

During the week I also discovered a new facebook-site with the aim to change the Salvation Army view about membership and officership also for active homosexual people. The group has received financial support from the state to change the Salvation Army view in these matters. I am very surprised that the state pays one group to change the values of another value based organization. I will write much more about this next week on my Swedish blog. If you want to now more about this you can “google translate” my comment on Tuesday. You will find it on www.rupeba.se.

But now it is soon time for at new week back in Sweden.
Have a blessed week!
Peter Baronowsky

Early Sunday morning, January 13

Another week! We have been busy moving also this week  Many things have to be unpacked and rediscovered and sorted. This is the 12th place weare living since we married. Moving is a hard work and it is not getting easier and easier.

For now we live at a Salvation Army School Home, half an hour northwest of Stocksholm, beautifully situated on an island in the big lake Mälaren.

This week I have also been working with a book project for the Clapham Institute. I am since some years a board member in the Institute. The Clapham Institute is a think tank and a research institute  aiming to stimulate education and scientific research about Christian Faith. In February the Institute is celebrating five years of work and for this occasion we are producing a book with articles written by the fellows in the Clapham Institute during these years.

The coming week we are planning to go away for one week of vacation. We will soon retire and I have heard that retired people do not get vacations, so we better take vacation while we are still employed. Next week I plan to do as little as possible.

I pray that you will have a blessed week.
Peter Baronowksy

Eary Sunday morning, January 6

Weekly review from my personal point of view

Another week! This week we have mainly been spending carrying boxes and furniture. We have also spent a lot of time unpacking boxes, finding things we had forgotten we had, that have been stored for more than three years. Moving is a tough and exciting work.

Latvia feels almost unreal now. Our daily evening walks down Bibibas Street, through the old town of Riga, to the Daugava river, where we used to have our evening prayers.It was so natural and familiar then, but now it feels like memories from a different world.

We still get reports from Latvia and it is encouraging to see that the Salvation Army in Latvia keeps growing and expanding. The Russian speking corps in the very southeast of Latvia experiences a dramatic growth. We received some pictures from the Christmas celebration at Daugavpils corps.

HERE you can see more pictures from the Christmas celebration at Daugavipils corps.

Last summer we opened two new corps plantings. One of them, Saldus, is a place were the Salvation Army never has had any work before. Our opening meeting in September was an open air meeting since we by then have not been able to get facilities.
Open air meeting in Saldus
This last week we also got reports from the first indoor meeting in Saldus in the new rented hall.
You can see many more pictures from that meeting HERE.

We pray that the growth in Latvia will continue and that the Kingdom of God will keep growing in Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe and till the end of the world.

Have a blessed week
Peter Baronowsky