Daily devotions


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Once again, we can put a year behind us, another year where God has been good to us.
This year we made many long trips to places where we have taught the Word of God and where we have met many interesting and admirable people in the Norwegian Salvation Army territory, comprising Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.  

We are grateful for the ministry, which is ours, where we may support young as well as older officers in their important mission. We thank God for what we have seen him doing in people’s lives.

A great subject for thanksgiving is also our family, which now consists of 15 people, from a three-year-old granddaughter to Peter and Rut, who are turning seventy. In the beginning of December, we had the opportunity to meet almost all of them, as we gathered them all to celebrate our joint 70th anniversary. It was a memorable day with lots of playing and fun at a water land as well as a nice dinner.

We are now half way through our fourth year in Norway after retirement, and we think this will be our last year here. We plan to move back to Sweden next summer.  Where, we don’t know yet!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, with Jesus in the center of your lives.

Rut and Peter


Christian Believers In Iran See Growth In Midst Of Persecution

- Prophes News Watch -

Christianity's growth in Iran has continued despite the Islamic regime's crackdown on religious freedoms. This month, three Christian converts were sentenced to a brutal and humiliating punishment of 80 lashes following their May, 2016 arrest for drinking communion wine.

Yaser Mosibzadeh, Saheb Fadayee and Mohammed Reza Omidi were all convicted of blasphemy by a Sharia court after their house was raided during a private worship service. But they are far from alone.

In 2015, at least 108 Christians were jailed for their faith. In September of this year, 25 Christians were arrested in a raid and jailed for practicing their faith in the city of Kermen.

In the case of the 25 worshippers in Kermen, no official reason was given for their arrest. In August, authorities raided another house church and arrested 11 in the central Iranian city of Isfahan. Also in August, police outside Tehran arrested 5 Christians at a picnic for public displays of their faith.

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