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Young Muslims in the West: A Ticking Time Bomb?

- Prophesy News Watch -

"On the back of the Brussels terror attack it is worthwhile remembering that while a majority of Muslims in the West appear to have no truck with terrorism or extremism, there are a significant number who sympathise with terrorism and repeatedly attempt to justify attacks on the West.

  An ICM poll from 2006 revealed that 20 percent of British Muslims sympathised with the 7/7 bombers who brought terror to the streets of the British capital, killing 52 and injuring hundreds. This number rose to one in four British Muslims, according to NOP Research for Channel 4. With a British Muslim population of over 3 million today, that translates to roughly three quarters of a million terror-sympathising people in the UK."


When Christians Are Slaughtered, Look The Other Way

- Prophesy News Watch - "The Obama Administration looks the other way, while insisting that jihad is a product of "inequality," "poverty" and "a lack of opportunity for jobs" - never of Islamic teaching.

Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamic extremist group, has killed more people in the name of jihad than the Islamic State (ISIS), according to the findings of a new report. Since 2000, when twelve Northern Nigerian states began implementing or more fully enforcing Islamic sharia law, "between 9,000 to 11,500 Christians" have been killed. This is "a conservative estimate."

In addition, "1.3 million Christians have become internally displaced or forced to relocate elsewhere," and "13,000 churches have been closed or destroyed altogether." Countless "thousands of Christian businesses, houses and other property have been destroyed."


Islamic State crucifies Catholic priest on Good Friday, cardinal says

- Washington Post - "The Islamic State reportedly committed a grisly Good Friday commemoration, crucifying a Catholic priest.
The Rev. Thomas Uzhunnalil, a Salesian priest, was kidnapped in Yemen in early March during a raid on a nursing home run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.
His execution by the Islamist sect, using the same method used by the Romans on Jesus and marked on Good Friday every year, was confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna according to a report in the Salzburg News."


Kuwaiti Muslim Asked Jesus to Reveal Himself to Him

Kuwaiti Muslim Asked Jesus to Reveal Himself to Him. Later, a Bright Light Shone That Stunned Him. WHOA!



Short video clip based on a poem by former Salvation Army General John Gowans (1934-2012), Vagrant tells the story of a man compelled to action by the mere sight of another in need.


Chosen to be a soldier

- John Cleary in JAC online -

 ‘Then who wouldn’t be a soldier,
 An Army soldier, a valiant soldier,
Every soldier goes to war,
 That’s what we’ve enlisted for,
And we don’t want any dummies in the Army’
How about the confidence, almost arrogance of that lyric?  Yet it is utterly innocent and free of guile.  Here is a vision of belief and confidence.  This is a song written and sung by a winning team... A team sure in its vision certain of its goals and convinced in its world redeeming relevance.
Who would write such a song today without a whiff of irony and scepticism?
‘Of this Great Church of the Living God, we claim and have ever claimed, that we of The Salvation Army are an integral part and element – a living fruit bearing branch in the True Vine’.  (Bramwell Booth)[1]