Daily devotions


It takes time

- Danielle Strickland in JAC Online -

I keep learning this. I’m sure you do to. We live in an instantaneous world. If my email takes longer than ten seconds to load I open another browser window. I’m not kidding. I can’t take slow. And that’s a spiritual problem. Because it takes time to get to the place where we are ready to connect with God. It takes some time to empty ourselves of ourselves. It takes time to listen, to pray, to hear, to learn, to try. It all takes time. And it’s worth the time too. Time is the most valuable commodity we have. I need to learn to waste it on God. It’s His after all. I need to allow myself to take the time to experience God.

So, the long and winding road of prayer is frustrating and rewarding. Those things go together a lot if you think about it. Let’s just say, it bothered me in all the right ways! It reminded me that we are all on a journey, all the time, with a lot of amazing people. I’m trying to pay more attention – not to just ‘get somewhere’ but to enjoy the path there.
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France: The Ticking Time Bomb of Islamization

- Prophesy News Watch -
Recently, two important studies about French Muslims were released in France. The first one, optimistically entitled, "A French Islam is Possible," was published under the auspices of Institut Montaigne, an independent French think tank.

The second study, entitled, "Work, the Company and the Religious Question," is the fourth annual joint study between the Randstad Institute (a recruiting company) and the Observatory of Religious Experience at Work (Observatoire du fait religieux en entreprise, OFRE), a research company.

Both studies, filling a huge knowledge-deficit on religious and ethnic demography, were widely reported in the media. France is a country well-equipped with demographers, scholars, professors and research institutes, but any official data or statistics based on race, origin or religion are prohibited by law.

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