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How An Entire Church Ended Up On An ISIS Kill List

- Prophesy News Watch -

"On Wednesday, I was contacted by someone on an ISIS kill list.  Of course there are probably lots of people out there that believe that "ISIS is after them", but this particular individual and his wife were actually told that they are on an ISIS kill list by the FBI.

Not only are they on the list, but so is their pastor.  It turns out that ISIS has apparently been pulling names off of church directories on the Internet, and so now an entire church has ended up on an ISIS kill list. 

In the past perhaps many of us would have been less alarmed by this, but the attacks in Orlando, Dallas, Nice, and Baton Rouge are all still fresh in our minds.  Innocent people are being targeted and killed just to make a statement, and nobody knows who will be next."

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Jihadists Encouraged On Social Media To Kill Israeli Athletes At Rio Olympics

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"Israeli athletes set to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil are among the competitors targeted by groups linked with al-Qaeda, the UK's Daily Star reported on Thursday.
Groups associated with the terrorist organization posted a list on social media advising attacks on British, American, French and Israeli targets at the upcoming event in Rio de Janeiro.

   The post said, "Your chance to take part in the global Jihad is here! Your chance to be a martyr is here!"

   The post also encouraged jihadists to employ a range of techniques, such as kidnapping, explosives, poison and drones. "One small knife attack in these places will have bigger media effect than any other attacks," the post said, according to the Daily Star.

   The al-Qaeda-linked groups claimed getting into Brazil should be easy, and once inside, will not be difficult to cause death and destruction, after having access to guns and explosives in Rio's "crime-ridden slums."

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The Pentecostal Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Several of Paul's letters in the New Testament were intended to be read by other
congregations for their own edification. This very early apostolic missive from
William Booth to the comrades at Dunedin Hall serves a similar purpose. Booth
instructs us in the one essential for success in soul-winning. Please remember
that he writes a full generation before the Asuza Street Revival, which gave birth
to the Pentecostal Movement. May his prayer for a hundred-fold increase in
fruitfulness be realised in all of us today.
This was first published in The East London Evangelist, 1 April 1869. - S.C.
Issue 1, June/July 1999 
The Conquerors Column
The Pentecostal Baptism of the Holy Ghost
by William Booth
with the Dunedin Hall Christian Mission, Edinburgh 
BELOVED FRIENDS Though I have not been privileged to see you in the flesh, yet I have heard with great thankfulness from time to time of your work of faith and labour of love: and I rejoice greatly in the abundant blessing granted to your labours, and bless God for every brand plucked from the everlasting through your instrumentality. I earnestly pray that you may be made a hundredfold more useful in the future than you have been in the past. The work in which you are engaged is the most important that can engage the attention or call forth the energies of any being... 
Success in soulwinning, like all other work, both human and divine, depends on certain conditions... If you want to succeed you must be careful to comply with these conditions... I desire to give a few brief practical hints...And, first and foremost, I commend one qualification which seems to involve all others. That is, the Pentecostal baptism of the Holy Ghost. I would have you settle it in your souls for ever this one great immutable principle in the economy of grace, that
spiritual work can only be done by those who possess spiritual power. No matter
what else you may lack, or what may be against you, with the Holy Ghost you will
succeed; but without the Holy Spirit, no matter what else you may possess, you
will utterly and eternally fail.

Many make mistakes here. Aroused by the inward urgings of the Holy Spirit, they
endeavour to comply with the call which comes from the word and the
necessities of their fellow men; but being destitute of this power, they fail, and
instead of going to the Strong for strength, they give up in despair. Again
aroused, again they resolve and venture forth, but having no more power than
before, they are as impotent as ever. And fail they must, until baptised with
power from on high. This I am convinced, is the one great need of the Church.
We want no new truths, agencies, means, or appliances. We only want more of
the fire of the Holy Ghost. ...

O what zeal, what self-denial, what meekness, what boldness, what holiness,
what love, would there not be? And with all this, what power for your great work?
The whole city would feel it. God's people in every direction would catch the fire,
and sinners would fall on every side. Difficulties would vanish, devils be
conquered, infidels believe, and the glory of God be displayed...

You do desire to see signs and wonders wrought in the name of Jesus. To see a
great awakening among the careless crowds around you.... This baptism then, is
your first great need. If you think with me, will you not tarry for it? Offer
yourselves to God for the fullness. Lay aside every weight... Hold on! Though
your feelings are barren, your way dark, and your difficulties be multiplied,
steadily hang on the word of God. Expect the baptism every hour; wait if he tarry.
'This kind goeth not forth but by prayer and fasting'; and the Lord whom you seek
shall suddenly come to his temple.

I have more to say to you, but must wait another opportunity. Yours in the
fellowship of the Gospel,

William Booth
(c) Renewal Journal #6 (1995:2), Brisbane, Australia, pp. 26-32


The Story of the Century: Christianity & Islam

- Prophesy News Watch -

We told you recently on BreakPoint that despite appearances in our corner of the world, religion is not going extinct. Quite the contrary. Predictions by the likes of Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud that faith would vanish have turned out spectacularly wrong.

Yes, in the West (particularly Europe) religion is on the decline. But on a global scale, secularism is the worldview that's losing steam. As Giles Fraser wrote recently in The Guardian, "The secularization hypothesis is a European myth, a piece of myopic parochialism that shows how narrow our worldview [is]... Religion is the future."

But which religion?

Recent events have brought radical Islam back into the spotlight. But the world's second-largest and fastest-growing religion is much bigger than the jihadists of Al-Qaeda or ISIS.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, comprising several major sects. And though terrorism puts an exclamation mark on Islam, you could write a whole book about the millions of Muslims who are more concerned with living out their faith than engaging in violent jihad.

And like Christianity, Islam is growing. Fast. A study last year by Pew Research concluded that by 2050, Islam will swell to 2.76 billion adherents, or one third of the world's population!

Christianity, meanwhile, is expected to hold on to its title as the world's largest religion, tipping the scales at just under 3 billion professing adherents.

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The Islamization Of Sweden

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"The Church of Sweden has departed from being a strong and stern state church. In the past, Swedes were born into it and, until 1951, no one was allowed to leave the church. 
   These days, however, it is an institution that has very little to do with Christianity or Jesus. Sweden now, according to the World Values Survey, is one of the world's most secular countries; every year a large number of Swedes leave the church.
   It used to be that only atheists left the church; now it is the devout Christians that leave -- in protest against the church's increasingly questionable relationship to the Christian faith.

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