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Iran 1979-2009

From Mats Tunehag´s blog:
The Ayatollah Khomeini led the Islamic revolution in Iran. It was promised – and most people believed – that if the country was governed by the Koran and the Sharia law, a good and just society would emerge. In 1979 Iran started to be ruled by Islam through Islamic leaders.
What has been the result of 30 years of Islamic rule? Let me mention just 10 things:

1. Iran has become an active supporter of terrorism around the world, like Hezbollah and Hamas.
2. Iran has perhaps the highest proportion of drug users in the world.
3. Due to economic failures and Islamic laws of “temporary marriages” hundreds of thousands of women have been forced into prostitution.
4. Iran is one of the worst Human Trafficking countries in the world. (
5. Iran is among the biggest threats to world peace: nuclear weapons and Shia beliefs in the 12th Imam is really a bad and dangerous synergy.
6. Mullahs are detested and people have turned against Islam.
7. Hundreds of thousands have left Islam and have become followers of Isa / Jesus.
8. Christians are being persecuted.
9. Women are being treated as 2nd class citizens.
10. Iran is a world leader when it comes violating human

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The Salvation Army expands its work to 118 countries

From The Salvation Army international web-site:
International Headquarters is pleased to announce that the General has given his approval to the official opening of The Salvation Army in Nepal. Majors Lalsangliana and Lalnunsangi of India Eastern Territory are appointed Extension Officer and Associate Extension Officer, effective from 15 April 2009. Nepal is one of the Himalayan Kingdoms and has recently become a democracy.

The question of whether The Salvation Army could become established in Nepal has been under serious scrutiny since 2005 and India Eastern Territory has been sending officers and soldiers to explore this possibility for the past few years.

In 2007 Captain Richard Vanlalnghaka and his wife were appointed to carry out further exploration and remained in the country for one year. As a result of this appointment a Salvation Army fellowship, comprising around 20 members, is meeting regularly under the Army flag.

During the same year Commissioner Lalkiamlova and Colonel Dick Krommenhoek visited Nepal and were convinced that it would be possible to commence work in the not too distant future. In 2008 Commissioners Lalkiamlova and Lalhlimpuii, together with a delegation from India Eastern Territory headed by the Chief Secretary, again visited the country, which ultimately resulted in Commissioner Lalkiamlova recommending to the General that the Army should become officially established as soon as possible.

Majors Lalsangliana and Lalnunsangi will be stationed in Khatmandu, which is the capital city of Nepal. Their quarters and Fellowship Hall will be at Lalitpur, Bagdone 4, Kathmandu.

Although a separate country, Nepal will initially remain an official part of the India Eastern Territory.


God does exist – the humanists just dont seem to know it – yet!

From Korslind´s blog:
"Okay, so the Swedish humanist society is on the go once again. This time with a campaign that resembles a lot of a campaign in England. The other evening, as I was getting on the subway, I saw this big advertisement saying “God probably does not exist”.

It’s almost amusing (deliberate?) that the humanist society of Sweden writes that God probably does not exist. Are they getting second thoughts.

In the poster they invite people to go to a website to do a test. It turns out that this test is everything but open-minded. The same kind of advertisement has been appearing in some of the major newspapers the last couple of days."

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Never give up - part 6

Guest blogger: Sven Ljungholm. Meet Sven Ljungholm in a series of articles. This is the sixth and the last part.
Sven was leading an air company many years before he became a Salvation Army officer. He served in USA, Sweden and as one of the pioneers when the Salvation Army restarted its work in Eastern Europe.

The Pillars of St Paul is where Paul was flogged and had 39 lashes by the governor of Paphos because of Paul believing in, and following Christ. The governor later relented and became a Christian himself!

I visited Cyprus 11 times during my last 4 years living in Russia. And, the pillars of St. Paul became a special and holy place to meditate for me. I was often the only visitor. My spirit sought to grasp and emulate that which enabled Paul to press on; to never give up. Undoubtedly it was a trial that, by living through it, made Paul even stronger and prepared his mind for the next onslaught.

You have heard it said, and experienced it, as I have. In seeking to identify some year of the past that might qualify as the best I believe we'd discover that the best years were those in which we learned to lean on God, seeking His strength in our resolve to never give up. It was in the pressing on that we grew.

St. Paul gives us many assurances, promises we and other Christ followers have taken to heart for almost 2,000 years, a favourite being. “Be renewed in the spirit of your mind”. It is in the present passive infinitive, which from the Greek translates, “Go on being renewed every day,” and since it’s in the passive, it’s something that’s done to us rather than something we achieve.

How do we combine these two faculties then — the spirit and the mind? Many new and even more mature believers wonder what is the spirit of the mind? A favourite preacher some years ago (Lloyd Ogilvie) defined it this way; "Well, if the mind is the seat of the intelligence, the thinking brain, and if the spirit is the point of contact of the spirit of God with our spirit, then the spirit of the mind is the way the Living Christ enters into and channels His power in the thinking process of our life." That’s why I say we can have a new mind every morning.

 I shared another favourite in an earlier blog article, also from the Apostle Paul said, “Have in you this mind which was in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2::5. And in Romans 12, he writes (Christians/Saints) Do not be conformed into this world’s ideas, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. We all know the old adage, 'you become what you think about most of the time'. (R W Emerson)

I'm convinced that by allowing Christ to transform our minds we can control both present and future circumstances; it’s the spirit of the mind. “ ... the spirit of the mind,” is that the character of Jesus Christ can be transformed in us. I have experienced this transformation especially these last few months; a peace and acceptance. "You will keep whoever's mind is steadfast in perfect peace, because he trusts in you", Isaiah 26:3, words very familiar to, and taken to heart by Paul.

More of Paul’s teaching is found in Ephesians chapter 4, the 23rd verse, “Be renewed in the spirit of your mind,” is nestled in between two other admonitions that happen to be in the past, the aorist tense. “Take off the old and put on the new,” — These words of Paul were written when he was well immersed in Chri st- his Christology was entering a fourth decade. Paul speaks from experience when he says, “take off the old nature” and begin the new life. I liken it to the Jungian theory of projection; the Holy Spirit projecting and empowering us to become more like Him. The only way we do that is one day at a time making the day, week, month and year ahead the best one yet.

I pray with Wilberforce:

For tomorrow and its needs,
I do not pray.
But keep me, guide me, love me, Lord,
Just for today.

And the answer to that prayer is the transformation of my nature into the nature of Christ.

Our SA doctrine declares that in Christ Jesus of Nazareth, there was the human dimension, and the divine, perfectly blended together in the incarnation. Paul in the 13th verse of this 4th chapter says that we can grow to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. An aging Saint said; 'Holiness can't be rushed', and to which I would add, 'I'm not what I was yesterday, and far short of what I seek to become in my tomorrows...'


Sven Ljungholm
Former officer active soldier
Exeter Temple Corps


Underground Church Growing in Muslim-Dominated Indonesia

From Charisma Magazine:
Pentecostals on the tsunami-ravaged coast of Indonesia are experiencing a wave of conversions and healings.

In the strongly Muslim Aceh province of northern Sumatra—where 167,000 people died in the 2004 tsunami—the underground church movement is growing, with Pentecostal congregations thriving.

Indonesia has an official policy of religious tolerance, but in Muslim-dominated areas Christians face open hostility and persecution. In Aceh province, churches must register with the authorities and are not permitted to evangelize. Many Christians choose to meet in unregistered—or underground—churches.

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Sasha, a Faithful Servant - Never Give Up -5

Guest blogger: Sven Ljungholm. Meet Sven Ljungholm in a series of articles. Sven was leading an air company many years before he became a Salvation Army officer. He served in USA, Sweden and as one of the pioneers when the Salvation Army restarted its work in Eastern Europe.

Russia’s “Golden Autumn” in Leningrad, 1991, was all too brief, those few short weeks between summer and seven months of bitter cold and snow. The view from my 2nd story office reminded me that Russia’s road to freedom was still blocked on many fronts. We had arrived only a few months earlier, six ex-patriots charged to “open holy fire”.

Armed tanks were stationed on the outskirts of the city, a signal that Russia’s coup had reached Leningrad, and below my office window I saw the street barricaded with throngs moving noisily across the now silent streetcar tracks, carrying Soviet style banners. None who were not a party to the demonstrators dared move about on the streets, except one. 

Sasha was easy to spot; he dragged his legs behind him and swung them forward in a practiced cadence as he planted his crutches firmly in the freshly fallen snow. Until now, cripples had been hidden away from mainstream society for more than five decades, unwanted reminders o f a system that failed to care for the very least. The crowd begrudgingly made way for him and Sasha purposely, and no doubt somewhat painfully, made his way to the doorstep. There he had to maneuver his bulky coat and cruthches through double doors, down the long corridor, hoping that this day the elevator was working...

His 2-hour journey from and to his home, to his volunteer position with The Salvation Army, included the Metro (subway) and two connecting trams. There were no elevators or escalators on the two Metro stations he transited, so the stairs were the means to reach the street. For decades the Party’s city planners had no reason to include the likes of Sasha, or for that matter anyone on crutches or wheelchair bound. 

Sasha was one of many who attended our Sunday meetings (worship services). He had read about this Salvation Army, an international religious movement and knew well of the need for volunteers. He became one of the very first.

When we first met he shared that he’d like to deliver meals to the elderly, “those unable like myself to get out and about!” I struggled to find something less daunting for him to do, and asked my translator for suggestions and was told, “Sasha is firm in what he wants to do; God gave him this assignment!” And so it was…

During our service in Leningrad Sasha became a fixture. His routine typically began in the early morning as he selected a list of recipients from the office files. He’d pick up satchels of food, somehow balance the 6-8 dangling bags while clutching his crutches, and off he’d go. He never shared how many Metro stations or trams he had to traverse on his missions of mercy. He’d return around noon for another batch of deliveries, and again around 3:00pm, for yet one more tour of duty before heading home… I witnessed this joyful, deliberate act of discipleship until our transfer to Moscow some months later. 

Those working with volunteers know that many come and some soon depart never to return… Sasha came, and remained faithful. If for some reason he’s not alive these 16 years later, still serving those he was commanded to care for, it’s because he walked his way to glory and there, surrendered his crutches to the great Physician for all eternity!

Never give up !

Former officer USA/Sweden/Russia/Ukraine
Dr. Sven Ljungholm


Obama: Homosexuality & Islam good for America

Mats Tunehag writes in his blogg:
President Obama has declared June “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month”.

In a difficult-to-find declaration posted on the White House Web site on June 1, Obama praised LGBT Americans for their continual “great and lasting contributions” that “strengthen the fabric of American society.”

Earlier this year Obama praised Islam’s contribution in shaping USA:
“We will convey,” said Barack Obama to the Turkish Parliament, “our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”

I can’t help but wonder what planet Mr. Obama is from.