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Brengle in Oslo - Part 3

From Brengles´ letters to his wife Lily during his campaign in Norway 1907, recorded in the book "Dearest Lily".

Christiania (Oslo), 11 February 1907"The big hall was packed last night and we could hardly close the meeting. I got to bed after 12 o´clock. I am at No. 3 corps which seems to be in a very healthy spiritual condition. There are a number of soldiers belonging to the corps, who were blessed in my meetings at No. 1 corps last year and they work and sing and fish like real soldiers. How I bless God for them..."

Brengle also writes about people trying to get him speak in tongues to make his ministry even more fruitful:
"...Well they came again yestersday and brought brother Rhun, and by and by they all agreed that I ought to talk with tongues and carry this around the world. It was just about time for my afternoon meeting, and I had no time to alk, so I told them if they thought so they must pray to the Lord to give me the gift, as I was perfectly willing so far as I knew to receive the gift, and wanted all that God wanted me to have, so we prayed and then they all came to my meeting. I talked about the Holy Spirit and his work and tried to show plainly the distinction between the gift of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit."

Brengle´time in Norway seems to be extraordinary blessed. Brengle writes on February 25 1907:
"The Lord has helped me to preach I think as I never preached before. My liberty has been just about perfect and he has helped me believe as I preached."

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