Daily devotions


Early Sunday morning in Riga, July 17

Weekly review from my point of view.
Last Monday evening we returned from the Commissioning celebrations in London. A weekend with many meetings. And also a weekend were we met a couple of our former students from the Salvation Army School in Norway, where we taught for nine years. We realised that it was thirty years ago they were students at the school. They must be much older today.

After that we had four busy days trying to get all necessesary things done, because it looks like we are going to have vacation next week.

Yesterday (Saturday) it was a wedding at Riga 1 corps and I had the privilege of doing the marriage service. It was captain Ieva who married her Filip from Belgium. Many people from Belgium, friends an relatives and of course many people from The Salvation Army were gathered for the great celebration.

After the wedding service the wedding dinner took place at Skangale Manor 10 km from Riga.

Now it is Sunday morning and it is soon time to go down to the morning service at the corps. This afternoon our oldest son and his family will arrive in Riga for one week of vacation in Latvia.

May you have a blessed week
Peter Baronowsky

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