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Brengle and the renewal in Norway 1907 - Part 2

I am re-reading "Dearest Lily" by Samul Logan Brengle. The book is a collection of letters between Brengle and his wife while Brengle was preaching all over the world. It covers the years 1907-1923. He tells about all day matters, their children, his daily experiences, how he feels and about the meetings he is doing.

For me it is especielly interesting to read about his visits to the Scandinavian countries. In the introduction to the section about his visit in Norway, William Clark is writing:

"William Booth had asked him to go to Norway again because he was concerned that a pentecostal-type movement, which put great emphasis on speaking in tongues, was sweeping the country and confusing many salvationists. He was convinced that Brengle´s scriptural holiness teaching would help to get the matter in perspective. Neither man was opposed to the movement: it might well be that the Holy Spirit was in it, but they were worried about some of its emphasis; it needed direction and its excesses had to be discouraged. William Booth belived that Brengle, more than than any other, could help; and he was right. Under God he had notable success.

He was also able to help counteract harmful teaching in Bergen, where salvationists and other Christians were being affected by radical "new-theology", teaching that denied the divinity of Christ, the authority of the Scriptures and much else. Brengle´s address on the Atonement, prepared to challenge the errors, made a remarkable impression. The city was stirred by Brengle´s ministry and as far as the Army was concerned, the situation was retrived.

All this, and much else, is highlighted in the letters that follow."

When reading of the new movement in Norway questioning the authority of the Scriptures and deniyng  the divinity of Christ I recognize many of the things happening today among Christians. Not very much have changed.

I will soon come back with quotes from the letters.


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