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Early Sunday morning, June 12

A review of  this week from my personal point of view on life.
Another week with tropical heat. More than 30 degrees daytime and over twenty degrees nighttime.

The week has had a lot of activities. We are just introducing a new accountancy system for the Salavation Army in Latvia and Mats Prennmark from Sweden came to Riga one day to help us implement the program.

One full day we had interviews with people applying to our School for Officers Training. We will have another day of interviews next week.

Friday  Ewa-Marie and Marcus Kihlagård arrived to Riga to speak at our regional Day on Saturday. They also took part in our Open Air meeting in central Riga together with Riga Staff Songsters and a worship group from the Training School....

...a drama about the battels between good and evil...

In the Open Air Meeting there was also several testimonies and a piano piece for four hands, played by Ruth and Isabel...

Saturday we had our Regional Day in Riga. People from all over Latvia travelled to Riga to participate in this event.

Macus and Ewa-Marie were speaking and Riga 1 worship group, Bauska Songsters and Riga Staff Songsters were singing.
 Marcus preached about the first day of Pentecost
 Ewa-Marie preached about the dead bones in Hesekiel 37
From the Hall
 Bauska Songsters
The cadets were promoted to "second year cadets"


Now it is Sunday morning and we are on our way to the Training School for a "Spiritual day" together with Marcus and Ewa-Marie, the cadets and the officers at the Training School.

After that there will probably come a new week and I hope it will be a blessed week for you.
/Peter Baronowsky

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