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Despite 200 Murders, Iraqi Church Grows Strong

By Felicia Mann
news photo
Steve Strang and Canon Andrew White
Most Bible-believing Christians would probably run from a church after one or two of its members were murdered, much less after witnessing 200 killed in the first six months of the year.

Indeed, many of the most fervent saints would abandon a congregation where bomb blasts are the norm and where saints are kidnapped on a weekly basis.

IDespite these horrible realities, however, Iraqi Anglican Canon Andrew White says his Baghdad church is 4,000 people strong—and his members are among the happiest church-goers he’s ever seen.

When Canon Andrew White was in our office he showed us photos with shadows that he says indicated angels or a cloud of glory. We cannot verify these but we believe White's testimony and have decided to share one of them with you. You can use your discernment.

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