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Some hundred years ago there was a revival movement in Sweden called the "Readers". They were called so because they were reading the Bible. Not only reading, but reading and reading and reading. I saw in an encyclopedia a definition of the "Readers". They were described as people “reading the Bible without interpretation of an ordained minister”.

They did not look for explanations in Bible Commentaries or from priests. They were just reading and expecting God to speak to their hearts directly.

I think we need such a revival again. When people really take time to read the Bible slowly and listen. I think we have very much forgotten the meaning of living slowly. Everything must happen in a high tempo, fast food, fast living, fast everything. But God does not always speak in a rush. It takes time to be so low speed inside, that you can distinguish His voice among all other voices demanding your attention.
I hope the Reader-revival will come back. A time when we understand that life does not get better the faster you run through it. A time when we rediscover the value of taking time to read the Bible. Not only reading, but reading, and reading, and reading, and listening….

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