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Early Sunday morning in Riga - December 12

Winter is here! It is not many degrees below zero, but the snow has come. Lots of snow! It is also the third Sunday of Advent and the time for Christmas activities is approaching. Next week we will have our staff dinner for employees in the Salvationa Army in Latvia. More than sixty people have signed up so far and I understand that a lot of preparations for the program at the dinner are in progress.

Next week we will also start with the Cristmas Kettles. We have also this year received approval for the area outside McDonalds right at the "entrance" to the Old Town of Riga. We are sharing responsibilities for the Kettle between Riga 1 corps, Riga 2 corps, the Training School and the Regional Headquarters.

Today it is Sunday morning and Ruth and myself will speak at the "Spiritual day" at the SFOT (School for Officers Training). "Spiritual Days" are an old tradition for the Training Schools all over the world. "Spiritual Day" does not mean that the other days are un-spiritual. A spiritual day is a special devotional day at the school, often visited by the SA leaders in the country. We will have two meetings and a lunch between the two meetings and it will be attended by nine cadets (Eight from our own Training School and one distant student at the International Training School in London) and the teachers from the school.

This will be the second  "spiritual day" this semester. The first day Vic and Ros Poke were the special guests and this is how we looked like between the two meetings.

Soon a new week will come and I wish it will be a blessed week for you.
Peter Baronowsky

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