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Mid-week review - week 49

Last Sunday afternoon we invited to "Open Microphone", a gathering where the young people can have questions and express their opinions. Four of of the Latvian delegates at the Youth Convent last summer gave their testimonies about their impressions. Video-clips were also shown from the convent and after each testimony it was opportunities for questions and comments.
And there was a lot of questions! Many of the young people were not christians themselves and did not know so much about the Salvation Army. But they asked about everything, about living as a christian, about soldiership, about being a cadet. They asked about how to live a sacrifical life and about following Jesus. It was a great gathering. And when it was over some of them stayed for a deeper conversation on a personal level.
 From "Open Microphone"

Tuesday we had our last Leader´s gathering for the year. That is a monthly gathering for our 30 leaders in Latvia. The theme for this gathering was Social Work and two of our leaders talked about the social work. The corps leader in Liepa explained how they twice a week cooked 90 litres of soup, which is enough for 160 portions of soup.The leader for our social center in Riga was telling about the 143 families they visit regularly and about how people got saved and got their lives changed.


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