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Think Big. Start Small. Go Deep.

by Major Danielle Strickland

Dawson Trotman, founder of the Navigators discipleship program, used a slogan to fuel his movement: Think big. Start small. Go deep. It’s something I read very early in my ministry and it resonated within me. The problem I’ve discovered in most people’s lives is not their inability to dream or to envision—we’ve got vision statements and dreamers aplenty. The real crunch happens when our dreams hit reality—we’ve got to figure out a strategy for our dreams in order to see them come to fruition.

If we are praying for God’s Kingdom to be on earth as it is in Heaven, we have to take our dreams and visions (particularly the ones that Jesus spelled out for us) and actually make them happen in the here and now. We need a strategy for this side of Heaven. This is where Trotman’s little slogan becomes very useful.

One of the obstacles in achieving our vision is that we often dismiss the “smallness” of starting the work required to make it happen. The Incarnation (when Jesus was born as a baby in Bethlehem) is a great example of starting small....

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