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A Spiritual Survival Guide For The Suburbs

by Major Danielle Strickland in JAC online

I’ve made a life choosing to posture myself with people in the margins.

I did this to model the life Jesus lived. Completely on purpose, Jesus hung out with people who were not of the “mainstream.” People who made “normal” people uncomfortable. People who don’t know their place in society—or who just don’t care.

I remember a good picture of this in my life when I took two of my friends from the margins of Downtown Eastside Vancouver to Missions Fest Vancouver. Although it was just down the street—it was a lifetime away in social status. Once we were seated, my friend Annie thought it a good time to spread out her collected “butts,” spreading them out on the carpeted floor so she could roll a few nice new smokes while everyone was busy singing hymns. My other friend Stephanie was so bored that she simply kept looking around at everyone and asking, “How do people sit through this?” which I think was less a ruse and more a genuine question coming from her.

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