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The Blight of Liberal Theology

- Lieutenant Matt Kean in JAC online -
I have no doubt that some of my words will meet a degree of discomfort and perhaps reproof from within our organisation, but I am convinced it is important to say them.  Besides that, they burn from a deep conviction and even if I kept quiet I’m inclined to think the stones might cry out.   

The subject I want to address is a theological one, but I want to emphasize that it worries me most because I see its negative influence within The Salvation Army.  I’m speaking of the very liberal theology which has been permitted to slither into the ranks of the army over the last few decades.  It has allowed a succession of compromises to degrade the necessary black and white nature of Christ’s gospel.   

I use the word liberal intentionally without a capital ‘L’ simply because I only want to show how such a theology, by definition alone, has no place within a movement whose focal point is the salvation of souls.   This kind of theology as it stands does not allow for the hard object lines of orthodox doctrine or any conservative interpretation of the Bible and has the strange ability to vilify the militant holiness ideology of our movement.  I will leave its definition here, but I will go on to describe its character and substance.  Again, please understand that I do not wish to single out any particular group, ministry, or method. My aim is to expose a specific theology (the liberal one) because of its direct contrast to Salvationism, that is all.

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