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The Incredible Blessings of Being in Christ!

- David Wilkerson | January 5, 1998 -

Christians today live in a time of great light. The Holy Ghost has revealed to us the powerful meaning of Jesus' work on the cross, and the incredible blessings this means for our lives.

Yet there was a time when Christ's wonderful work was obscured from the world. That period was known as the Dark Ages - simply because the meaning of the cross was veiled from the eyes of humanity.

Most sermons during that time focused on God's wrath and on damnation. The popes and priests preached a gospel of works - and the people performed a variety of acts to try to find peace with God. They traveled for miles to shrines, knelt in worship before stone icons, repeated long prayers, fondled prayer beads. Yet all these things only increased their bondage and brought deeper darkness to their souls.

People then knew nothing of the benefits and blessings available through Christ's victory at Calvary. Yet even today, with all the teaching available on the subject, the majority of Christians still do not understand many important aspects of Christ's work for us. I would like to talk about one of those aspects in this message - and that is, what it means to be "in Christ."

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