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Sunday morning Christmas Day - December 25

"Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.
11 Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord."  (Luk 2:10-11 )

A great joy for all the people! Even if the great joy was meant for all the people, many people did not know about it. Most people were sleeping in their houses believing it was just another ordinary night. There were only a few shepherds who knew. And then there was some wise men from abroad who knew. And then perhaps also king Herod knew, since he did all he could to stop what was happening.

Today, many hundred years later, the situation is similar. Most people do not know. Some have forgotten and some had never been informed that a Saviour has been born. I believe that some angels are needed also today to bring the good news to the people. You are maybe one of them...

The Christmas week is coming to an end. An intense week for us with many Christmas Parties. Wednesday it was the Christmas Party at Patverums, an after school program for children with difficult famlily situations. The children performed a great play about how you can find the life answers in the Bible.
Christmas play at Patverums

Next day it was the Christmas Party at the Children´s Home in Riga. It was more sad. It was the last time there would be a Christmas party at the Children´s Home. The Home will be closed after Christmas.The reason is perhaps a bit more positive. The need for Children´s Homes has been going down and the Riga authorities are now closing three Children´s Homes. In January we will start a new program at the premises, an after school program similar to the program at Patverums.
The gospel was presented by a group of clowns at the Children´s Home in Riga

On Friday it was time for the Christmas Party at Skangal. Many people were gathered in the school building for a great celebration with drama, singing and christmas gifts.
Christmas at Skangal

On Christmas eve we drove to the west coast to celebrate Christmas together with the corps in Liepaja.
 The hall in Liepaja was full already twenty minutes before the meeting when we arrived
 The girls sang beautifully
 All the children sang and performed a play
 Christmas gifts from Sweden
 The celebration ended with candles

And tomorrow, second Christmas Day we will go to the prison in Riga to have a Christmas service.

Have a great, blessed week!
Peter Baronowsky

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