Daily devotions



Glad Ljungholm writes:

Today has been a relatively quiet day in Skangali as we waited for the arrival of the Christmas presents for the children.  We had already brought them to Latvia back in August but since then they had been in hiding from curious eyes.

We received them this afternoon when it was all hands on deck with Sven, Derek and Glad as we looked through what there was, sorted and began to wrap the gifts hoping and praying they will be put into the right hands for each child to get the best enjoyment out of them.  Suddenly we had the arrival of more help that brought about a magical sense to the evening …

This was followed by a most enjoyable time of ‘food, friendship and fellowship’ as we were joined by Captains Sergey and Aizan, and Cadets Dmitri and Ilona for an evening meal in what has become our favourite restaurant in Valmeira; Latvia for that matter.

Plans were discussed and finalised for tomorrow evening as we ate and hoped that tomorrow night will be a very special and memorable evening for the children of Sakarni and Seda as they join together for a party.

Our prayer is that will have a few hours of joy to lift their thoughts from the misery so many will return to after the festivities are over...

Major Glad Ljungholm on loan to the FSAOF serving in Latvia


  1. You are very special people and precious to the children.

  2. Sven, I am sitting in the quarters (Australia) with tears in my eyes and thanking God for your Latvian mission trip. I now believe more than ever TSA NEEDS its formers officers to be a reminder that `the Army` doesn`t always get it right when dealing with people leaving officership and more needs to be done to help those who have to leave or chosse to leave. Thank you.

    Thank you too for welcoming Leanne Unicomb into the fellowship, she and her husband were sessions mates of mine and it breaks my heart seeing what she is going through.

    God bless.
    Active CO