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William Booth in Stockholm

Quotes from General William Booth´s speaches to the Swedish Salvation Army Officers during the Congress 1899:

Obviously there were five meetings. The following quotes are from the second meeting, where even Local Officers were invited and the General starts his speech like this:

My dear Comrades! This is a Congress for Staff- and Field Officers. If some of you Local Officers disapprove of the fact that you are not invited to all of the meetings, you should immediately sign up for candidateship! If you say that you are too old, that you are married and that you have settled down, in that case I feel sorry for you that you cannot come, but then we should get your oldest son or daughter instead! However, each Local Officer should regard it as their duty, from this moment on, to become an officer. Either he/she should become a candidate himself or he/she should send someone to replace him. If none of your soldiers can go you must try to get some suitable sinner saved. We must either have you, or someone else as a compensation for you!

After this introduction he is expressing his appreciation for the work of the Local Officers. He is talking about the importance of them using their opportunities to testify about Christ in their everyday life and at work. And then he says:

Our Local Officers have access everywhere (in society) and I wish you would appreciate your opportunities and know your responsibilities. One of the greatest curses that ever came over the Church was the idea that priests and missionaries were more responsible (for the work) than other Christians. Each soldier of Jesus Christ, each Salvation Army soldier is just as responsible as the Commissioners to commit themselves with spirit soul and body, life and all, for the glory of God and bringing salvation to sinners. Local Officers! You have your opportunities! Study them; Give yourselves fully in the hands of God and he will help you turn this country upside down.

Stockholm 2006-05-08

(From Booth, Ädelstenar (Precious Stones), Stockholm 1900)

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